1. Your attention is drawn to the important legal notices relating to the content of the websites and, accessibility of the websites, copyright, ancillary copyright and external links.
  2. The content of these websites and and the SMART TWO FUTURE COMMUNICATOR provided with them were created with great care. The owner and operator of the websites and, Mr. Dr. Ingo Bruchhold (henceforth referred to as "the operator"), accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, comprehensiveness and actuality of the material presented.
  3. Although the operator will endeavour to provide uninterrupted websites functionality, no guarantee can be given that service will not be suspended from time to time. The operator reserves the right to modify content or close the websites entirely. He cannot guarantee that there will be no interruptions caused by imperfectly created files or imperfectly structured formats or any other fault or breakdown.
  4. All content and features of this websites and are protected by copyright and ancillary copyright. Publikation of material on the World Wide Web or in other areas of the internet in no way implies authorisation for third parties to use the material for their own purposes. Any exploitation of material not permitted by German copyright or ancillary copyright law requires the prior written permission of the operator, who reserves all relevant rights.
  5. The operator expressly welcomes and authorises the quoting of material from the websites and such as the inclusion on other sites of links to our websites, as long as the content is clearly acknowledged as being that of the operator and available on and such as is not to be associated with the content of third parties whose interests do not coincide with those of the operator.
  6. As far as the representation, explanations and opinions on these websites and are cited, they do not necessarily express the opinion and presentation of the operator and serve legally to provide general and extensive information on the topic. These representations, explanations and opinions are, however, checked by the operator and released for publication only if they meet all legal regulations or requirements, do not contradict good manners, do not appear to be inappropriately offensive, are not discriminatory and are not irrelevant and a constructive contribution to the development of a future-oriented and sustainable future for our living space “Earth”.
  7. The links are always "live", dynamic links. Although, when first creating the link, the operator will have checked to see if the “alien content” might trigger a civil or penal law suit, he does not continuously monitor the "alien page" content for subsequent modifications to the "alien page" which might provide the grounds for a civil or penal action. If the operator discovers, or is informed, that a particular page for which the operator has created a link could trigger a civil or penal action, he will immediately remove the link to the „alien content”.
  8. As a content provider as defined in § 7 Para. 1 of the German Telemedia Act (TMG), the operator is responsible in accordance with statutory law for his own content, which he makes available for use. His own material should be distinguished from links to content presented by other individuals. The operator uses links to make "alien content" available for use and acknowledges the origin of this material in the following way: clicking on a link to an "alien web page" opens up a new browser window or a tab with the URL of the "alien page".
  9. Operator of the websites and such as liable for content in accordance with the Teleservices Act (TDG), the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) is


Dr. Ingo Bruchhold

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Fon: +49 (0) 30 34 38 99 60


  1. The German version of this "Legal notice" is the legally binding text. The English-language version is purely informative and non-binding.
  2. Should sections of this statement on data protection be or become invalid or be found not to apply, they shall be replaced or supplemented by clauses that reflect current legal stipulations regarding data protection.
  3. Any alterations to this "Legal notice" must be in writing and will, where relevant, be published, along with the date of alteration, on the websites and in a location that is easily accessible.
  4. Administrator of the websites and is Dr. Ingo Bruchhold

Berlin, 23.12.2022

Dr. Ingo Bruchhold