Only one world and yet a second chance?

"In order to repair existing damage in the ecosystem and prevent further damage, new and future-oriented strategies, technologies and philosophies must be developed and implemented promptly"


Technology has to adapt to nature!

Technologies that are developed in such a way that they can be integrated into nature without adverse side effects could make a significant contribution to the preservation of our" Earth "habitat.

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If it doesn`t work, it won`t work!

If current values, ideas, rules and measures have not led to satisfactory solutions, these must be questiones and, if necessary, improved!


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Everything interlocks and influeces each other!

All things, all processes and everything in the ecosystem are interrelated and must be considered in connection with the search of solution

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Communication is “half of survival"!

Only through the intensive exchange of ideas, opinions, thoughts and information can problems be uncovered and future-oriented solutions can be worked out promptly

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A poster often says more than a thousand words!

A single poster can clarify a problem, put a solution for discussion, lead a many new thoughts and ides and thus also vontribute to saving our living space

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